Limited Edition of 1500.

Looking at Antonia, one almost feels the need to bow respectfully.
Immediately it’s quite obvious that she is royalty What a beautiful and distinguished lady!
Sewn from café au lait felted mohair with cream paw pads, 24cm Antonia is clearly of blue blood – a Russian Tsarina perhaps.
Dressed for the finest occasion in a red wine-coloured dress with a noble golden leafy pattern interwoven throughout.
Topped with a luxurious collar of white plush, at her neck Antonia wears a stately ornament made of golden thread that has been intricately embroidered.
Her ensemble is completed a real metal golden crown perched majestically atop her head. Add an imperial touch to your collection with our Antonia Teddy bear.

This gorgeous regal Bear is a limited edition of just 1,500 pieces worldwide.