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A single bound is all she needs to land in her pretty little wicket basket.
Lolling on the cosy, claret-coloured cushion of cotton velvet, Ginny is relaxing after a morning chock-full of adventure Only the impish twinkle in her bright green eyes gives any sign of the new plans that she is hatching in her furry little head.
Right now, though, it´s time for a catnap.

Ginny Kitten is 12 cm in size with a coat of the finest mohair airbrushed with a red tabby pattern.
She has a sweet, horizontally stitched pink nose. Ginny is 1-way jointed with a Turnable head and wears a darling claret-coloured satin ribbon around her neck so she’s perfect for posing.

The iconic gold-plated button-in-ear with the classic elephant motif and a white tag indicates that she is one of 1,500 kittens in the valuable “Ginny kitten in basket” limited edition collection.

Delivered in a Steiff box complete with numbered certificate of authenticity.