Grandfather Teddy Bear

An outstanding 37 cm Bear filled with warm, comforting feelings of safety and love, Steiff’s ‘Grandpa’ Teddy Bear has a soft, shaggy, sand-coloured mohair coat and beige linen paw pads. His smart waist coat embellished with old gold buttons is fashioned from the same beige linen. The bobble of ‘Grandpa’s ' nightcap falls gently on his shoulders and like this stately Teddy Bear, conjures up images of days long gone. With old-fashioned wire-framed spectacles perched on the end of his nose and a big book of fairy tales clasped in his paws, one can only imagine how often ‘Grandpa’ has told these magical stories! We listen spellbound until we finally hear the old familiar words: “And they lived happily ever after”. Limited to only 1 500 pieces worldwide, ‘Grandpa’ boasts the very special gold plated ‘Button in ear’ embossed with an elephant to celebrate the 110th anniversary of this rare and very famous Steiff trademark, making ‘Grandpa’ highly collectible.

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