Limited Edition of 100 Worldwide
This Festival Bear commemorates the annual Puppen Festival that was held in Neustadt 5th-12th May 2013.
Made from beige mohair and filled with traditional excelsior (wood wool) filling. This lovely 36cm Teddy Bear supports a handmade felt drum featuring pictures of the 5 most popular bears from the last 22 years of the festival by a strap around his neck, while the actual drum is rested between his legs as he sits. He holds a drumstick in each hand as if he is playing the drum. Around his neck we wears a smart collar and bow tie.
He has his name (Festivalbar) and his edition number stitched on one paw pad, whilst on the other he has the date of the festival, along with the place where it is being held. He also has a traditional growler voice.