There are varied interpretations about the significance of raising Manekineko’s right paw versus his left one, but most everyone believes that the higher a Japanese LUCKY CAT raises his paw, the greater your luck will be!   I’m delighted to offer this unique Japanese Exclusive to local collectors.

Made by Steiff in 2013 for Japan only, this beautifully handcrafted Manekineko Cat from Steiff can beckon with either his left or right paw, which, traditionally, is known for either attracting money or protecting it respectively. Its gorgeous white colour indicates happiness, purity, and positive things to come; and the Koban (Japanese gold coin) in his hand is symbolic of good fortune and wealth. Made in a Limited Edition of only 3000 pieces this prosperous Manekineko Lucky Cat from Steiff is a Japan Country Exclusive.  Its luxurious mohair is akin to that of his other Steiff counterparts, and comes decorated with a traditional bib and bell collar that is reminiscent of cats from wealthy Japanese households back in the day.

If you’re aiming for good wealth and fortune, don’t deliberate any further – this 19cm Beckoning Cat will be all you need to lead you into bounteous prosperity this year!