Steiff 1908 Replica (Susan’s Bear)

Fondly known as ‘Susan’s Bear’ after the original owned by Susan of Susan’s Storeroom in San Anselmo, California, with his charming facial expression, this 50 cm Teddy bear is a picture of wisdom and equanimity. His slightly curly, sand-coloured coat of finest mohair gleams in a colour that calls to mind brass with a gentle patina. Other particularly characteristic features include the strikingly large and round ears and the semi-matt hand-painted shoe-button eyes with which he gazes at the world with gentle understanding. Available as part of a small and exclusive limited edition of only 1 000 pieces worldwide, the bear is hand-stuffed with wood shavings and comes with a growler that was used by Steiff for the very first time in 1908. His left ear bears an “underscored button” made of patinated steel.

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