Teddy Bear Lukas

At a visit to a funfair, Lukas’ ears suddenly prick up at a captivating sound: “Bam-ba-ba-bam, bam, bam …”. Right away, he lets go of his father´s paw and runs off in search of that sound – and then stands amazed. And now the cute 25 cm bear of bright white mohair only has one wish: for a drum of his own! When Christmas Day finally arrives, what does Lukas find under the tree? A wooden drum complete with leather strap and matching wooden drumsticks! As a 5-way jointed Teddy bear, he was born to play the drums: “Bam-ba-da-bam, bam, bam …” And he knows that someday he will play in a band! A sweet bear, with cute low-set ears and a very earnest face, Lukas is made from the finest white mohair with matching felt paw pads. Lukas Teddy bear can be recognised from His pride and joy an exquisite wooden drum complete with leather strap and wooden drum sticks. Limited to 1 500 pieces worldwide and wearing a gold-plated “Button in Ear” with elephant motif, Lukas will be happy to keep you entertained all year long!