“Just a Gorgeous Teddy Bear & Collectors Item”

Almost everyone would like to own an antique Steiff Teddy bear. But desirable Teddy bears are growing more and more scarce each day. And higher prices for originals are often beyond the reach of the typical collector. That´s why Steiff´s series of replicas has been so popular. These pieces are amazing recreations of valuable vintage items; replicas that are often difficult to distinguish from originals. Steiff’s 1929 Teddy bear is a perfect example, their talented designers have exactly replicated the original Teddy´s delightful facial expression, oversized cupped ears, and smaller eyes and nose, using original materials: a sumptuously dense, white Steiff Schulte mohair, glass eyes, and an underscored button. The result is a valuable Teddy bear that any true collector would be proud to own. Full of charm and nostalgia, these fabulous pieces are amazing recreations of valuable vintage items, to the point that it can be difficult to distinguish between them and the antique original. This exceptional 40 cm Replica from 1929, with the most friendly of growls is limited to ONLY 1 000 pieces worldwide. What more could you want?

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A fascinating insight into the years of austerity after the Second World War.
Shortages forced Steiff designers to find alternative materials as the company attempted to resume normal production.
As traditional mohair was unavailable, other types of fibre and fabrics were used in production. Instead of mohair, the plush is made from blond alpaca, which closely resembled the look and feel of the wool plush used at the time.
Because wool felt was also scarce during this period, Teddy’s paw pads are sewn from a stable cotton fabric.
Like the original, this 29cm replica has glass eyes, is softly stuffed with excelsior wood wool and has a squeaker in his tummy.
The nose is hand-stitched. Airbrushed coloured accents help to bring about an aged look.
A period-style “underscored button” completes this exceptional vintage design. This teddy bear is a little piece of history!

Limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide.

Retired and sold out at Steiff, the 1948 Replica Teddy is delivered in a Steiff gift box with numbered certificate of authenticity.