Our miniature holiday Teddy is coming down your chimney – delivering good cheer for all. This jointed mohair bear slides down a “brick” silkscreened felt chimney that’s capped by fluffy mohair for “snow”. The tiny Teddy wears a candy-stripped knitted scarf and has a hand-stitched nose and mouth. He hangs from your tree on sparkling gold cords.


Based on the dance craze of the era which spread from the U.S. around the world, the writer of the famous Charleston song said he first was inspired to write the hit when he heard Charleston, South Carolina dock workers singing.
Commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Charleston’s rise to popularity the fabulous Charleston era is brought back to life with this exceptional 30cm teddy bear made from the finest wavy warm white mohair and fully jointed.
Inspired by the Roaring ‘20s fashions of the “flappers” of the period, with their distinctive headpieces, fringed dresses, and dancing shoes the masterful craftsmen at Steiff have accessorized this beautiful bear with a dazzling gold sequin headband, vibrant feather and a long pearl necklace knotted in ‘20s style.
She has large black shiny eyes and matching black hand embroidered mouth and nose. Just look at her paw pad – where you find notes embroidered from the ‘Charleston’.
This is a Steiff musical teddy bear and all you have to do is wind her key up and she will play a few bars from ‘The Charleston’.
Sure to sing her way into a place in your collection, the Steiff Charleston Bear is limited to just 1,500 pieces exclusive to the USA.
I was fortunate enough to obtain one for sale locally – so take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to own your own Charleston Teddy Bear.
White label with famous Steiff gold plated button in the ear.

Note – the bear is white mohair but colour appears ‘yellow’ in picture to avoid her disappearing into the background.