Grand Old Bear USA

A decade ago, a Steiff retailer arrived at her shop to find a large vintage Teddy bear sitting at the front door. It was accompanied by a note which explained that the original owner was no longer able to care for the beloved bear. “I know you´ll find him a good home,” read the note. It was this touching story that inspired Steiff to create “Grand Old Bear” – a recreation of the Teddy bear left on the doorstep. A big, impressive chap at 50cm tall limited to ONLY 1000 pieces worldwide (19½”), like the original, he´s sewn from finest old golden mohair and has hand-stitched features. For extra authenticity, Steiff artisans have airbrushed subtle signs of age on his snout and paw pads. “Grand Old Bear” captures all the charm and appeal of the original while keeping his heart-warming history alive for generations to come.

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