Lladro Angel Ornament

Lladró Ornament Bear is rides a porcelain star minutely ornamented by Lladró artists and decorated with a touch of golden lustre, matching the thread in the bear´s nose and mouth. The porcelain star and the bear´s new pure merino wool plush convey a message of peace and love for the Holiday season. Thanks to its ribbon, Lladró Ornament Bear can also be used as a Christmas tree decoration or to adorn a favourite corner at home. This teddy bear made in white pure merino wool with features sewn in gold thread is the result of a painstaking artistic process. The prestige of Steiff bears is now coupled with the exclusiveness of the handmade Lladró porcelain, making this decorative Lladró Teddy Bear a collectors´ item. Limited to 1 000 pieces worldwide. This Lladro / Steiff bear is brand new and in perfect condition. It is made in Spain and comes in the original Lladro/Steiff Box.

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