Teddy Bear Marco

“Come exploring with me”

The Steiff Marco Teddy Bear dreams of precious stones, pearls and silk – of a fantastic journey to distant lands. The teddy bear is fully jointed and made from the finest mohair in a gentle sand colour. He has a sweet face with little ears, black shiny eyes and a nose and mouth which have been hand embroidered in a golden brown colour. He is wearing a cloak and Venetian-style hat – both of claret coloured velvet. His belt buckle is made of brass just like his retractable telescope. No GPS device for Marco – as in the good old days, he opts for a trusty map with his famous routes. Limited edition of just 1,500 pieces worldwide. For 2014 only, Steiff have given all the new limited edition bears a very special gold plated ‘button in the ear’ embossed with an elephant. This is to celebrate the trademarks 110th anniversary making all the 2014 limited edition bears highly collectible. Surface washable.

White label with famous Steiff gold plated button in the ear.

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